The Stolen Man

for Sonyusha, again

Halfway between here
And the bay,
Between the window
And the water,
Under gray clouds
In quiet rain
You sit cross-legged, golden
On the high rock
While here in the kitchen
Your mother talks about
Something —
I’ve lost the thread.

You’re waiting for me
Talking as you watch
The window, while I too
Watch you.
Of course I worry —
Wet ground
And it’s raining I know,
Light, perhaps,
But it’s darkening
Your golden hair —
I worry, but more
I wonder
Watching you talking
And wanting
To hear the world
You’re weaving
Out of clouds rain bay —
Come away
Come away

I watch you talking,
Listen as though
I could hear, as though
There was no
Glass, no rain, no space
Between us.
As though
Just wanting
Could ever be enough
To let me always
Reach you.

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