sufficient mystery (notebook poem)

A gull hovers openwinged
in the still morning air — unmoving
between bay and sky — both blue
glow gathering — lit by morning
madcap of birdsong
that fills the dawn as it rises
over the ripening marsh —
The gull up there indifferent — calm
unmoved but — sunstruck —
aflame as though the light itself
impatient to hear it all
caught in her feathers
to ride her wings
into the bloom of song —
The bay then too — deep blue aglow
and the sky stretching
laughs above —
It’s only an instant though
before the sun breaks
over the horizon
searing everything —
the sky pales
birds hush their madsong
and even the restless bay
gives up its glow —
The gull alone — unmoved — still hovers
on the unseen rise of air
indifferent — white — alive —
sufficient in herself to save
the mystery of the world.

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