(Evening comes over green sea)

Evening comes over green sea
and it’s there
out beyond breakers
nightfall catches me.

Last blaze of sun
rips up red
through clouds, spilling
over rolling swell,
dying the white
spumehaired breakercaps
as they tumble away
toward the unseen shore.

Out beyond breakers
nightfall catches me,
sun dives into
rolling swell, and black
spills over, stars
spin in gaping

Somewhere there is shore,
somewhere sand
but in the black above
in the black of waves
I lose my limbs—
my body one with
the restless water.


The depths above, below
broken only
by the shimmering surface
rising and falling
restless, whispering

Then, without asking
You rise beside me–
Red hair — a sun
bursts from the sea
rising, tossing
wild curls
splattering me and sea
with shards of your sun
and your smile
wild as your curls
and sure
lights your wavegreen eyes
freckles flutter
around your face
shoulders, chest—
In your hands
against your legs,
belly, breasts
my limbs, my body
the black had swallowed—
In your laugh, your breath
the roar of breakers
rising, curling, tumbling
away, tossing clouds
under the starsplattered sky—
In your lips, your kiss
the surge of wave
rising, yes
for me to give myself
to breaking crest,
abandon to rush
–to powerlessness–
all fear
and ride your force,
a bird in air
but moving—
and ready, when you say,
to dive.

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