Beyond Breakers

Out beyond breakers
where swells rise and fall
holding strength under–
where only terns circle
and dive, where green waves
unbroken, don’t speak don’t roar,
but barely murmur
an unknown tongue—
it’s there
I find you
where shore is out of sight
bottom just rumor
by rise and fall
ceaseless of waves
and up sky falls
empty blue away
broken only
by song
taken wing
in sun.

There you rise
from muscled swell,
muscled, too, rise,
without asking
shake out
wild red curls
breakers at dawn,
by redborn sun,
me and sky
with your sparks.
You rise
from those waves
green, rolling
in your eyes.
Catch sun
in your hair
and keep it, yours,
cheeks, shoulders,
breast freckled
in golden birds
that rise, turn,
swell and fall
a blazing cloud
around you
around me

take me,
no shore I’ll seek–
riding swell and fall,
no shore, no sand.
I’ll dive,
plunge deep
into green unknowing—
soak you in—
then rise again
to find you
and in green waves roll
let go —
yet unrestrained.

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